They are in some weird way broadly appealing enough to everyone but also ageless in a way that you actually don’t know when the songs came out, just that you know them. I don’t get it, and I like that. (more)

Ultimately it was the void left by Kurt Cobain’s death that allowed the Smashing Pumpkins to stop being the next anyone, and be the first of themselves. (more)

The Song - Pearl Jam by Ed Burton

...the fact that (to me at least) there isn’t a clear cut winner, and the few people I have had this discussion with don’t necessarily agree with me, makes Pearl Jam a bit different to a lot of the other major artists of the last 50 years. (more)

2014 by Ed Burton


It is that time of year again. The time that brings presents, food, and articles titled “The Year That Was…” This is one of those articles (sans title). It is time to acknowledge the awesome things for the year 2014 that just so happened to be my favourite (or least favourite)

…But it’s not really his fault

In 1992 the team that was putting together Disney’s traditional animated features were riding a wave of popularity that was unprecedented, and would eventually see the company spearhead the next generation of animated films that continues today...