The points system, circle settings and overall meta of the game changed between pre-season and the NPL, and Ghost were slower to adapt than they needed to be (more)

In the Pre-Season, Ghost moved to playing an edge game after seeing the success it was bringing teams playing that style, but with the new rules and points system, it doesn’t seem to be as viable an option any more (more)

Interestingly, the teams in the NPL break into 3 different types. There are the Experienced Teams that have either been playing at the top level in NA since the beginning, the Established Teams that haven’t been around as long, but their consistent strong results have established them as a threat, and the teams that have made their name in the NPL and are striving to move up into the established tiers. (more)

The organisers were smart enough to hire some of the best casters in the business. People like Pansy and Toffees were able to bring the matches to life for someone like me who had such little experience with both competitive gaming and playing this game in particular. (more)


That company boasts investors such as NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson, Golden State Warriors executives Rick Welts and Kirk Lacob, Washington Nationals owners at Lerner Enterprises, Chicago Cubs president of business operations Crane Kenney, and former NFL player Dhani Jones. The smart people from the sports world have already made the jump over to esports. (more)