The Phase 2 seasons/qualifiers have been played and we are headed to Sweden for the GLL Grand Slam. The tournament sees 16 teams joined together after 216 qualifying matches across 4 continents and will determine (for now) which team (and depending on overall performances, which region) can claim to be the king of the Western PUBG World.

In preparation for the tournament, here is a small rundown of some things to know about each team that is competing, in case you weren’t able to follow all 4 of the regions!

Athletico –
Player to Watch – luke12 is an outstanding fragger who will go into the tournament fearing nobody in a 1v1
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Rozhok and Pecado (both clashes)
Known within the OCE region as a meme for the fact that no matter how much they dominate the first half of a qualifier, they have never qualified for a major LAN. The meme is now dead as they head into this tournament on the back of a mammoth 13.5 points per game in the 40 match qualifying tournament – more than 5 points per game more than the team with the next best average in this tournament. The team features former Wildcard Gaming player Xtreme, who is no doubt happy with the way that things have panned out (for him) to be going to an international LAN as Wildcard drop to the NPLC.

Bitloft –
Player to Watch – SzylzEN has a wealth of experience, including at international events, and is the best LATAM player in the world right now
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Ridge Complex and Chumacera (both clashes)
Arguably the strongest team in Latin America at the moment through consistency, they (along with the other 3 LATAM teams) are under pressure to perform at an international event to break the run of poor performances from this region. They finished 2nd in the last 2 LATAM tournaments and with 2 players from the former Savage Esports roster that went to last year’s Premier international event, they shouldn’t be overawed by the occasion, but the question is if they will be overawed by the skills and aggression of their opponents

(Ex) Brasilian Crusaders –
Player to Watch – and1FPS is the team’s top fragger and has won 4 different tournaments in the last 12 months
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Unknown and Monte Nuevo (Miramar clash)
They were the sole representatives of the Latin American Region in the Faceit Global Summit earlier in the year, and had a very disappointing tournament finishing in 19th place. Capable of a lot, but have had a wildly inconsistent year – now being lumped with the organisation that they have represented seemingly dropping out of the scene altogether, the expectations for them heading into this tournament are that they might do it tough again

Player to Watch – Kaymind is arguably the biggest name in the NA scene and he will be looking to make his mark internationally
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Pochinki and Pecado (both clashes)
A controversial roster change after the last international event has seen them finish in second place in the NPL again, and they head into this event looking to make up for a disappointing showing in London. The big question for Cloud9 (and Liquid) is what happens with the battle for Pochinki. It made for some great early game viewing last time, but ultimately cost both teams any real chance of winning the tournament. Will they both fight for it again or will someone see the bigger picture and relinquish the consensus best loot spot on Erangel to their competitor?


Faze Clan
Player to Watch – ubah finished top 10 in kills, damage and survival in the PEL and brings winning experience from his time with NaVi
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Mylta Power and Monte Nuevo (Miramar clash)
Is the Faze Clan of old back, or did they just happen to be the team in the lead when the PEL finally finished? The old Faze were known for the “Faze Sunday” that saw them finish top 3 in 19 different tournaments in 2018, including 7 wins. They have had a rough start to 2019, but was the Phase 2 win just what they needed to get themselves back to the top of the PUBG world? This is the event to give us the answer.

Player to Watch – ItzzChrizZ is Europe’s leading killer and will have his eyes on becoming the world’s leading killer
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Farm and El Alzahar (Miramar clash)
After failing to qualify for London by the thinnest of margins, there is extra motivation for the Germans to make the most of their opportunity here. They will back themselves to win a hot drop battle against Hell Yeah Brother on Miramar and if they do, they will be in a comfortable position to play their natural game, which puts them ahead of plenty of other teams in this lobby. If they are to win it all, they will need Caint and Udyrr to take a step up to the next level and they are both capable of doing so

Ghost Gaming
Player to Watch – Shrimzy went from being a journeyman fragger to having a legitimate claim to be disappointed in missing out on Team USA for the Nations Cup in less than 6 months.
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Mylta and Minas Generales (possible clash Miramar)
I have written before about the resurrection of Ghost but this is the real test. After a solid if unspectacular 6th place finish at PGI last year, this team has been struggling to reach their former heights, but the experience of Miccoy and BALLOC together for almost 18 months, combined with the hunger and form of DrasseL and Shrimzy puts them in a strong position. There is the potential for a loot clash with Incognito on Miramar, however the 2 teams split the area around Graveyard/Minas in different ways and nobody is sure what Incognito will do yet (more in their section). If they can continue their form from the Phase 2, they are a dangerous and intelligent team that can really make their mark here.

Hell Yeah Brother
Player to Watch – Krushhh is the most consistent player across the board for this team
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Yasnaya and El Alzahar (Miramar clash)
The meme team is coming to your screens. The logo alone should win them plenty of fans that are in it for the lols, but the fact is that this team has nothing to lose and that makes them dangerous. They will absolutely fight G2 for El Alzahar and they will not play it conservatively. They have the potential to really spoil the tournament for some teams with some super aggressive plays, but beyond that the expectations for this team are not too high


Player to Watch – Jouxy is their best fragger and will be looking to make a name for himself at their second international tournament
Phase 2 Drop Spots – North of Shelter and Graveyard/Minas (both minimal clashes)
They did better than anyone expected in London picking up some wins along the way, but a disappointing Phase 2 will have them hungry to bounce back here. Ykikamucow has the great name, Insight’s has the IGL duties, and I’ve already mentioned Jouxy above, but they are going to need Ronon to take his chances and hit his sniper shots to give them a chance to replicate their best form. Their Miramar loot spot provides an interesting situation for them. They have a minor clash with Ghost Gaming, however they have only moved to that spot recently after leaving the massive city of Los Leones – which in this lobby, is free. Of course there are a lot of clashes on Miramar and there should be more than a few teams eyeing off Los Leones, so it’s anyone’s guess what happens here!

Player to Watch – If Jeemzz goes off they will win this tournament, but the truth is that this roster is so strong I could put any of their names in that spot and it would be true
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Pochinki and Pecado (both clashes)
Had the PEL ended after 94 games instead of 96, they would come into this as winners and probably favourites, but another ‘bridesmaid’ finish means that they have something to prove here. As mentioned in the Cloud9 preview, this will all come down to how they handle the battle of Pochinki. I have previously written that this team has legitimate claim to the title of the world’s best team and they might need to take this opportunity to show it – even if that means giving up Pochinki for a weekend

Natus Vincere
Player to Watch – ADOUZ1E is their lead fragger and still managed to finish 3rd in the PEL for survival time
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Ridge Complex and South Coast (Erangel clash)
There was a point earlier this year when it looked like NaVi were a spent force in the PUBG scene. A terrible Phase 1, saw a roster overhaul but no change to results in the Kickoff Cup. Then Phase 2 happened. They never finished a week lower than 4th and were sitting in 1st for 4 straight weeks prior to being pipped at the post by Faze. If POKAMOLODOY can use his wisdom to calm his less experienced team members there is a real threat that a CIS team will once again win a GLL tournament!

Pittsburgh Knights
Player to Watch – Realzx is their best fragger but the strength of this squad is in the teamwork
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Mansion/Prison area and Power Grid (No real clashes)
One of the few teams with no clashes (they are close to Incognito, but again the split is a bit different) should be in a position to get off to a good start – the opposite of what they did to qualify for this tournament. A short tournament format could be exactly what they need to do well in Sweden as they proved inconsistent over a 96 game season but also capable of winning 3 out of 4 games against some of the best teams in the world. They will need to continue their form from the last day of PEL to have a shot of taking this home


Player to Watch – LosHD is arguably the best fragger on earth right now
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Mini Mylta and Chumacera (Miramar clash)
The Cinderella story of the NPL has done amazing to even reach this point, but don’t think that will make them complacent. Being European, LosHD will be looking to prove that his results can translate to his home continent and when you consider where this squad has come from in just 6 months, I for one wouldn’t bet against them getting the job done. Watch for their uncanny ability to find themselves in late game, with 4 up, ready to click heads

Spacestation Gaming
Player to Watch – Bahawaka on the bolt is deadly
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Rozhok and El Pozo (Erangel clash)
This team finished the last few weeks of the NPL with some fantastic momentum to take into this event, but the only problem is that Phase 2 finished a month ago and any momentum that they had has seemingly been lost. Even still, I expect this team to lift and put on a show for their former teammate Hypoc who will be casting his first major tournament! Having 2 of their players picked to represent USA in the Nations Cup will hopefully be a boost for them coming into these matches.

Team Singularity
Player to Watch – p0me is the kill leader on a kill heavy team
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Rozhok and Hacienda (Erangel clash)
A fairly aggressive team whose strategies may find them in some trouble against top tier squads, they will need to rely on the experience of Loquix to help them get through a tournament of this magnitude. A better Erangel team, may struggle depending how they handle the 3 way loot clash in Rozhok. This roster hasn’t played together that much, so if they can continue to get better together that is their best hope of a strong performance

Tempo Storm
Player to Watch – Sharky is the consensus best player in NA after the first 2 phases
Phase 2 Drop Spots – Gatka and Impala (NO CLASHES!)
If Tempo Storm are finally going to make their big international breakthrough, this HAS to be the tournament where they do it. Their loot spots are so clear that they can barely hear the gunshots from the other clashes. They are coming off 2 straight league wins in the NPL, with the exact same squad. The only wrinkle here is if their strategy of coming to circle late will work against this lobby. If it does, they have the firepower and teamwork to win it all, but if it doesn’t questions will begin to be asked, and NPL teams will need to learn from it for Phase 3

GLL Grand Slam is on 19-21 July and you can watch it here