The PUBG Global Championships have finished their second day of action with another wild day of action.

Here are the stories from Day 2


TSM’s Bash Brothers

Today wasn’t just the story of TSM finally making their mark on an international event, winning 2 of the first 4 games. It wasn’t just the story of the coaching of Didz once again holding up on the world stage. It was also the story of the PUBG Bash Brothers - rawryy and Iroh. TSM started the day with a win, but didn’t get their first kill in that match until the 7th circle, when there were only 2 other teams left. The next game they were kill heavy but went out in 7th place. The question was if they could do both in the same match. Game 4 showed us that they can with a 15 kill win. The discipline is impressive and the fragging is off the charts. They aren’t just on the map now, they are centre circle with all eyes on them

SDV Strike Twice

Sting Divine Esports were another team that won 2 games, however even with that they were only able to finish the day in 6th place. The reason for that was their dramatic lack of consistency. their other 4 games only gave them a total of 7 points towards their total, with two 0 point games to their name. They are superstars of the SEA PUBG scene, and clearly have the ability to make a mark at this level, but the question remains over their ability to collect points when things don’t go their way. The 2 big matches were enough to get them through week 1, but at the next level it won’t be enough for week 2


Liquid Circles the Drain

In probably the biggest shock of the tournament so far, Team Liquid finished the day in 16th place with just 13 points. Long considered one of the world’s best teams, they have been criticised at other international events for how much their chances of winning have been impacted by contesting their loot spots. Well it seems they listened, and changed up all of their regular loot spots. It did not help. They go into tomorrow’s elimination round starting in last position and it will take a monumental effort to turn this around and qualify for the semi finals. If anyone can do it, it’s Liquid.

4 Angry Men, 3 Wild Killers

TSM may have had the Bash Borthers on day 2, but 4AM were the most consistent fraggers of the day. They finished every match with a minimum of 4 kills, and had 41 kills in total for the day. One of the most amazing aspects of their performance is that they managed to have 3 players finish with at least 11 kills in just 6 matches. One of the biggest stories of the tournament has been the overwhelming popularity of the Chinese team in the Pickem voting, and they are backing up their favourtism with performances like that.


Genesis Begin to Play

They sat around the middle of the table for most of the day, but a 15 kill win in the final match rocketed them up to 3rd place for the day as they were finally able to play the way that viewers of the NPL are used to seeing. They started the day by soft contesting Pochinki with Entus Force with out really firing a shot in anger. Interestingly though, the 2 teams ended up fighting each other later in the match on all 3 Erangel matches - and while Genesis did get the better of Force on more than 1 occasion, it ended up costing them as they were eliminated shortly after. Both Genesis and Tempo Storm have been criticised for their lack of performance on the world stage, and they both seem to have found their feet in this tournament after shaky starts. The real tests begin next week though. They will need to be on their game to pass

Regional Banter

As always in tournaments like this, the inevitable NA v EU banter thrives in the chat and is further perpetuated between the analysts and casters throughout the matches. It is all harmless fun as far as I’m concerned, but as often happens in this situation, Korea quietly sits back and dominates both of the western regions. At this very early stage, 3 of the 6 EU teams have qualified for the Semi Finals - with 2 of the ones that didn’t qualify starting the elimination day in the bottom 2 spots, putting them at the bottom of the regional rankings. 4 of the 6 NA teams have qualified, with the 2 teams to play tomorrow well positioned to go through, putting them in the middle of the pack. Korea meanwhile has had 5 of their 6 teams qualify through comfortably with only 1 team left to fight it out in tomorrow’s eliminations. Regional pride is on the line tomorrow. It’s a long time until the next chance for bragging rights.