I feel like this is a tough one to judge given we are so close to his retirement, but I will attempt to give some context here to help you make a decision. (more)


So here is where I present you with one that is a bit of a quandary for me. One that I could be convinced either way. One where I have convincing evidence on either side that provides compelling arguments. One where my personal feelings about club and player may be blinding my vision. That case is Matt Sing. (more)


Year of the Rooster? by Ed Burton

So if the lost Grand Finals were not enough, adding in the years that they didn’t even make it there when they were favourites speaks even further to the biggest thing that the Roosters are lacking. (more)


NBAussies February 2018 by Ed Burton

Playing 6 and a half more minutes per game than any other point in his career, Ingles has seen increases in his Points, Assists and Rebounds per game, and his three point percentage has him currently 3rd in the league at 45%. (more)


Who Should Sydney FC Take to Asia? by Ed Burton

If Sydney FC fans had known that after losing the opening game away to Urawa, this ACL run was just the beginning of a run of 62 competitive fixtures with only 4 losses to their name, it may not have hurt so much. (more)


How Long Does a New Coach Get? by Ed Burton

the Tigers have been in rebuilding mode for several years now, and eventually they need to start showing some results. (more)


NBAussies February 2017 by Ed Burton

February started with the new Aussie Derby** between the Jazz and the Bucks, and had Thon Maker getting just his 3rd NBA career start. (more)


We Still Need to Prove Ourselves in Asia by Ed Burton

What it shows is that there is enough of an appetite for more football in Australia that people are happy to go to suburban grounds in the middle of the week in winter to watch semi-professional teams play. So we can rule out any sort of over saturation factor when trying to account for the lack of interest. (more)


Seven Things to Learn From the Nines by Ed Burton

Much to the chagrin of Rugby League’s former most influential man, the Auckland Nines were held for the fourth year running last weekend. Every year you have to remember that it is a different game to the 13 a side version, but every year there are a few things to learn (more)


NRL's 25 Most Important Players 2015 by Ed Burton

August is over. That means 3 things; spring has sprung, the Warriors have collapsed and it is time to name the top 25 Most Important Players in the NRL... (more)


NRL Pre-Season Part 2 by Ed Burton

The time trials have finished and the Broncos have grabbed Pole position for the competition proper, but who is going to win it all and who will just be making up the numbers? (more)

Grays Sports Mailbag by Ed Burton

It has been a LONG time since my last mailbag. Almost 2 years in fact! So with the launch of a new website, comes a new mailbag... (more)

Bogutball by Ed Burton

Game 6 is to be played at 11am (Sydney time) Wednesday and if the Warriors can pull off another win in Cleveland, they will bring a title to their fans for the first time in 40 years... (more)

NRL Pre Season Part 1 by Ed Burton

The first section of the NRL Pre-season is finished, and there have been some surprises, some disappointments, and some shockers, but ultimately nobody has yet truly stood out... (more)

#Rio2016 by Ed Burton

Our best player is beginning to head towards the latter stages of an unfortunately injury plagued career, and at the same time we have seen a boom in young Aussies in the NBA – with more to come... (more)

Life Support by Daniel Anthony

It was just always there, or so it feels like, a permanent fixture in all my childhood memories. It sometimes hung in my wardrobe, far more often was piled on the floor, covered in dirt and grass and mud stains after kick-arounds... (more)

7 Questions from 2 Rounds of the NRL by Ed Burton

Everybody knows, that if you are going to start making assessments and asking questions, you need to wait until TWO rounds have passed... (more)

The Alan Jonestown Massacre by Ed Burton

In the late 80’s, Warren Ryan was an absolute supercoach. Everything he touched turned to gold. In fact, in that decade he took every team he coached to a grand final...(more)